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Estate Planning - Caring for your family's future

Without proper estate planning, you risk the tax man taking much of your hard earned cash! You can minimise liabilities, and maximise what your loved ones inherit with professional estate planning advice from Freedom Financial Planning.

    How Endovia Family Office helps you in your Estate Planning :
  • Save time and money: Be prepared with a comprehensive estate plan to take to your solicitor, who will draw up your Will and Power of Attorney
  • Fine-tooth comb: We are one of the few companies that go through every detail of your estate, and advise on every possible way to reduce your tax
  • Trouble-free transfer: Your assets are transferred to your loved ones as seamlessly as possible, to lessen their responsibilities during a difficult time
  • Peace of mind: Expert estate planning advice gives you peace of mind that your wishes are honoured, and your loved ones are cared for.