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About Endovia Family Office

Our Mission is your Financial Well Being!

Endovia Family Office is a boutique Wealth Management and Family Office Unit working towards your continual financial well-being in the present and the future. We believe your wealth holds the potential to become something everlasting. We help you explore that potential, to turn it into your legacy. Initiated in 2013, the company was the brainchild of a wealth manager from JP Morgan and a Tax attorney who discovered a gap in the financial services industry giving rise to a need for Comprehensive Wealth Solutions.

What We Can Offer You

Deliver custom investing strategies

We take your total net worth into account, not just the portion we manage.

Help you spot hidden fees

That means cutting out commissions, transactional and annual fees, and offering you one, all-in management fee at a significantly reduced cost when compared to a traditional broker.

Facilitate tax optimization

We do this by applying tax loss harvesting, reallocating assets to tax-deferred accounts, and helping you realize higher yields in your account.

Act in your best financial interest

We do this not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because we abide by the fiduciary standard

Optimize risk and return on your behalf

This is done through our smart portfolio management strategy and Smart Indexing approach, which incorporates Modern Portfolio Theory and equal sector/size weighting.

Provide investment advice when and where you need it

Our Advisors are available whenever you need them, by phone, web conference, chat or email.

Our Philosophy!

Holistic Insight to your Finances. Our Family Office Offering is a comprehensive engagement platform where we act as your family's personal CFO, managing all aspects of your family's financial well-being.

Focus on you

Driven by our asset allocation principles, we take a customer-centric approach rather than a product-centric one.

Expertise & Experience

Endovia gives you complete access to our collective 50 years of multi-class asset management experience. Expertise in multiple asset classes and investment strategies allows our team to create a roadmap for wealth tailored to your unique needs.


Coordinated Services

Depth of Relationship & Synergies Across Various Financial Needs of Clients help us create longevity in our relationships.

Key Principles

We determine optimal asset class combinations based on a common sense application of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), championed by 1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences recipient Harry Markowitz. Fundamentally, we create an efficient portfolio for you, designed to yield the highest possible expected return for the lowest amount of risk. We believe assets should not be chosen individually, but should be considered in the context of how they interact with other portfolio holdings.

We work with six high-level, liquid, broadly investable asset classes, including Stocks and Bonds, International Stocks and Bonds, Alternatives (such as ETFs and commodities), and Cash for liquidity. These all work together to minimize your risk and maximize your returns.

We use your data and your goals to balance risk and growth. Our proprietary Planner incorporates your spending and saving patterns as well as your projected income to determine best-case, worst-case and most-likely scenarios. Combining this methodology with aggregation-based data is unique to Endovia, and helps us maintain the optimal asset allocation for your portfolio.

If you are still working, for example, we will determine the growth rate and amount of money you need to retire. If you are already retired, or close to retiring, we will determine how much you will have available to spend during each year of retirement and manage your portfolio to ensure you can maintain your lifestyle.

Once again, the Endovia combination of technology and experienced people offer the best solution.

Tax optimization could increase your return by up to 3% annually. Our Tax & Risk Management team is focused on tax, and saving our clients money in this area is a major priority for us. We believe our approach is superior to what we see in the marketplace.

We will help you keep more of your money by applying tax-loss harvesting methods, incorporating asset location and avoiding products which are not tax efficient.

The use of individual securities within stock & MF market which allows for significant tax saving opportunities compared to other Fixed income products alone. Further, by selling "losers" and "harvesting" losses, we can offset gains to defer tax bills and maintain a more balanced portfolio.

We can not control the ups and downs of the market, but we can predict there will be bumps in the road. That is why our India equity methodology is built to protect against bubbles and enhance diversification. We equalize portfolio composition by sector, size and style. To reduce volatility, we diversify to ensure that a few large companies are not dominating your portfolio. The India Stock portion of our client portfolios contains between 20 and 30 stocks, which has statistically been shown to minimize stock-specific risk and achieve the desired factor weightings.

We review your portfolio daily to identify rebalancing opportunities. As a rule, high-level asset classes are considered for rebalance when they deviate more than a few percentage points from target, while specific securities are reviewed when they move more than 2% from target. Tax considerations also factor heavily into our rebalancing methodology.

Having a disciplined rebalancing strategy can help in three main ways:

  • Keep your portfolio on track with long-term goals
  • Eliminate costly emotional mistakes
  • Enhance risk-adjusted return by creating a systematic way to buy low and sell high